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Lisa Smith, ACC

Lisa Smith, Co-founder of Shift Coaching Services and ICF-certified personal development and leadership coach.  


Lisa leads and supports a team of female entrepreneurs and has grown an extensive following of private clients by building and nurturing relationships.  She has a passion for helping others maximize their strengths and develop resiliency so they perform at their best.   


Lisa is a proud, single mom of two amazing daughters – one is a junior in college, the other a junior in high school.  They continue to be the light of her life and she loves spending time with them whenever possible.    


Lisa is a Seattle native and she gets outside in nature to run, hike, or walk whenever possible.  She is a self-proclaimed bird nerd and thinks that hummingbirds are truly remarkable little creatures!  She prioritizes time with friends and family and enjoys connecting over an amazing meal, wonderful wine, and great conversation.  One of her favorite places to spend time relaxing, reading, and soaking up the sunshine is on a quiet Hawaiian beach.  What may come as a surprise to many people is that she knows how to hula.  Aloha!  

Jennifer Dutilly, MBA, ACC and Co-Founder of Shift Coaching Services.jpg

Jennifer Dutilly, MBA, ACC

Jennifer Dutilly, MBA, ACC and Co-Founder of Shift Coaching Services. 

Jennifer is an ICF Certified Personal Development and Leadership Coach. She brings expertise, curiosity, and a growth mindset to each coaching session. She is committed to partnering with clients who want to achieve goals, uncover their strengths, and master resiliency to find their greatest potential in their personal and professional lives. Her goal in coaching is to work with her clients to teach them how to create real, impactful change in their lives.

She is married and an active Mom of 3 young boys and 2 dogs, living in sunny Colorado. She enjoys traveling with her family and friends and is a lifelong adventurer of new places and activities. She is passionate about health and fitness, loving the sport of boxing and getting outside to hike and explore. Her unique blend of adventure and health means on the weekends, you’ll find her either hiking a new trail, trying the latest food sensation in Denver or at a pop-up event in the community.

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