Are you in a place in life where you keep asking yourself, “What’s my next career move?”  “What else do I want to accomplish in my life?”  “How do I dress to project the confident person I want to be?” 

Wow, that’s exciting!  The fact that you are contemplating your next move is already a step in the right direction.  Most people get stuck because they’re not sure who they should talk to or how to begin.  

As someone who has worked through major life transitions of my own, I understand how uncomfortable it can feel to put yourself first and make your own needs and desires a priority.   

My calm, genuine and curious nature provides a safe space for our clients to put themselves first and allows them to explore possibilities and solutions.  I am a coach who listens without judgement and wants to see our clients succeed.  


I’ve been styling people most of my adult life and have worked the past twelve years as an independent stylist for a global clothing company.  When someone looks confident, they feel confident!   

I believe that by building confidence on the inside, your confidence will radiate on the outside.