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5 Keys to Resiliency

As I sit in my cardiologist’s office for the 100th time since I was 17 years old, I am feeling nervous and fidgety. I know to take some deep breaths and repeat in my head, “I am resilient,” “I am strong,” and “I can do hard things.” This wasn’t how I have always dealt with hard situations in life, I used to just allow every emotion and bad thought bulldoze over me, scumming to the worst-case scenario and WebMD’ing too much for my own good. As I have gotten older and thankfully wiser, I have learned that all of life’s curve balls, hard decisions, and circumstances have led me to be the strong and resilient woman I am today.

As I face my 4th heart procedure this month that I do not want to endure, but need to in order to experience more quality of life, I am reminded that being resilient means understanding that life is full of challenges. While we cannot avoid many of the problems that come our way, we can remain open, flexible, and willing to adapt to change. By practicing resilience, we can cultivate a mindset that enables us to thrive in the face of challenges and emerge stronger and more capable than ever before. These 5 Keys have helped me to build my resiliency.

1. Honor mind, body, spirit - Caring for yourself is the key to being able to handle challenges and setbacks that life holds for each of us.

2. Use habit change science - Our resistance to change is biologically ingrained in each of us. That’s why it feels so hard when you want to create change. New habits take repetition until your brain has been rewired and new pathways are formed.

3. Deliberate action - Intentionally taking action will create resiliency and lead you to success.

4. Build support structure - Having support as you build new habits is important and will help keep you on track to develop new resiliency habits that will last.

5. Discover your “Why” - Simon Sinek shares when you know your purpose and your “Why” you can overcome obstacles with resilience.

How can you cultivate resiliency in your personal and professional life?

Let's schedule a discovery call to explore how we can support your resiliency growth and development.


Jenn & Lisa

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