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Summer Self-Care Tips For Keeping Your Cool

Are you feeling the summer stressors of organizing and planning the family vacation, and making sure the kiddos are entertained while hopping on and off virtual work calls? We feel you!

Keep your cool by doing at least one of the following daily:

  • Breathe – Take 15 minutes any time of the day to just sit and breathe – four deep breaths in, hold for four counts, and four breaths out. Truly a game-changer!

  • Meditate – Close your eyes and clear your mind for 5-15 minutes. When your mind wanders say to yourself “Gently Clear My Mind.”

  • Exercise – Get your cardio on and you will feel like you can take on the world and reduce stress. Gotta love those endorphins!

  • Walk/Run/Skip – Outside for 30 minutes. Aaah nature is so calming.

  • Get plenty of sleep – Rest does wonders for a positive attitude!

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