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The Three Phases of Transition

Have you ever considered that you spend your entire life moving through transitions? By knowing the three phases of a transition, you can rest assured that what you are feeling is natural, that it is a time of growth, and that you will be okay.

Before a transition begins there is always a need for change. Perhaps you’ve had a baby or you’re disenchanted with your job or you’re considering retirement. All of these life transitions begin with a desire or need for change.

Phase One – The End

The interesting thing about the first phase of a transition is that it begins with an end. There is an end to an era of time or a phase in your life which can be met with feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, and possibly resistance. All of these feelings are normal and should be fully embraced. Having a great friend, counselor, or coach to provide a safe space for you to explore all of your emotions is key to continuing through each transition phase successfully.

Phase 2 - The Neutral Zone

This is a time of reorientation and may seem like nothing is really happening. It’s likely that you’ll want to rush through the uncomfortableness in the neutral zone or avoid feeling anything at all. Please be kind and loving to yourself and know that this is where the magic of transformation is taking shape. Allow yourself grace, reflect on your feelings and notice what is coming up for you.

Phase 3 – New Beginnings

The final phase of a transition is a new beginning. After you have done the challenging work of ending a phase in your life that no longer serves you, leaned into the uncomfortableness of the neutral zone, you will find land in place of a new beginning.

These transition phases are continuous throughout your life and many are inevitable. You can walk into each phase with the knowledge that something new and amazing will appear. You just need to be open-minded and take the time to allow it to happen.

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