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Have you ever judged someone based on their appearance? Right or wrong, you make an impression within the first 30 seconds of meeting someone for the first time. Clothing is a powerful way of expressing who you are and how you feel about yourself to the outside world. What you wear matters!  If you look confident on the outside, you will feel more confident on the inside. 

Getting dressed should be a simple and enjoyable experience. We believe you don’t need a lot of clothes in your closet.  You just need ones that makes sense for your lifestyle that are comfortable and that you feel good wearing.  We can show you how to maximize your wardrobe, dress confidently, and have fun doing it.  Here’s how…….

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30-Minute Consultation

In person or by phone.  We’d like to get to know you, hear your goals and discuss how we can be most helpful to you. 

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Closet Audit

2-4 hours sorting your clothing and deciding what is most flattering for your body type and what can be donated to Dress for Success or a charity of your choosing.  We will take notes on basics that may be missing from your wardrobe and will show you how to create new outfits from the pieces you currently own.

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Personal Shopping

2-4 hours shopping outing where items are pre-selected for you and then we make decisions based on your wardrobe needs.  This is an educational adventure as I teach you how to select pieces that will be strategic additions to your closet.  Less is more!

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Weekly or Bi-Weekly Wardrobe Layout 

Wake up to daily pre-selected outfits, accessories included.  You’ll receive a picture of each outfit as a reminder of what to wear.

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Your Personal Stylist

We can create a plan that allows Shift to keep you looking your best throughout the year.  Once you have a foundation, we can help you rotate new items into your closet that will create a fresh look as often as you desire.

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Small-Group Shopping & Styling Event

A fun and engaging 45-minute workshop on simple styling, capsule, and basic accessories techniques.

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